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Hey there beauties, MUA is brand that I actually have very little experience with. I know everyone seems to enjoy their eye shadows and other of their products but apart from their eye primer (which I adore) nothing has spoken out to me.

Then I was fortunate enough to win Katie's giveaway which included the MUA highlighter which I was excited to try. I only have one other highlighter in my collection at the moment so I was looking forward to try out something different.

First thing first, the packaging although it is nothing to write home about does the job and works well. I also like the design of the pink highlighter, it has a MAC skin finish can of vibe to it.

At first glance when I swatched it, I wasn't sure if I would like it. It appeared quite strong and chunky but when I applied it on my face I used just a little amount and it blended perfectly on my cheeks and nose where I generally apply highlighters.

As the name suggests it is shimmer based so if you like things to be very natural this may not be the highlight for you, however I found it blends quite well and the shimmer is not a bright and in your face as it first appears.

It is a pink highlighter shade perfect if you want a subtle glow rather than a gold highlighter (something along the lines of MAC's Soft and Gentle) If you have tanned skin this may work better on you, personally, I prefer gold/ sun based coloured highlighters.

Over all if you are interested in trying this out at £3.00 it will not set you back and it i worth giving a try.

I would love to try more from MUA, let me know what your favourite products are. 

Lots of love
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