Make Up Monday - New Years Glitz

Happy Monday! how crazy is it that there are only a couple of days of 2013 left? It has literally flown by. Anyway, I won't bore you all about that.

For all you social butterflies out there New Years is a time to meet friends and make plans for the news years. This means lots of gatherings, which is a good thing. I love taking opportunities to experiment with make up I normally wouldn't and around this time of year, this means glitter!

The way I would add some glitter in to my make up look would be on the eyes. I love a bit of shimmer on the eyes but adding some shadows which have some glitter in it takes it on to another level.

My favourite go to would have to be the eye shadow paints by Rimmel. These are literally like paint for your eyes (in a good way) They are very pigmented, long lasting and although the colour range is small the colours range from light such as the one I own to dark colours such as a deep purple.

The Urban Decay naked 2 palette (or the Naked three if you are fortunate to own one) also contain chunky shades with some shimmer in them. I use this palette on a regular basis but it is buildable and so versatile to create some great evening looks. I have done a review of the palette here as well as some eye looks but my over all favourite shades for the glitter look would be half baked and chopper.

To emphasis the glitter on your eyes a good tip would be use a metallic shades. My go to would come from the Maybelline colour tattoos in the shades silver and gold. I also thought I would highlight the Loreal Infalliable eye shadows as they are the best eye shadows I have tried from the drugstore. The colour is exactly what you see in the pan, full and rich with pigmentation. They also last all evening so perfect for this time of year when you need your make up to last that little bit longer

So if you are thinking of rocking some glitter this week, let me know! Hope you all have a wonderful New Years Eve. 

Lots of love
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