Make up Monday - Day to night edition

Hello my loves, hope this week treats you well. As much as I love make up, having to lug it around can be a bit of a pain, especially if you need to change it up. As it is that time of year that many of you will be going to see friends after work or to a meal I thought I would show you how I manage to keep my make up to stay on and how to glam without having to haul lots of make up around with you.

The first thing I do which is absolutely crucial is prepping my face. Sometimes I skip this step, if I am just going out for a couple of hours but I make up I do this on days where I will be out for a very long time. I won't go in to very much detail as I have written about how I do it here.

For my base, I use something that will give me decent coverage without fading throughout the day. At the moment that had to be the Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturiser. It has great coverage and geuinely does not move.

The rest of my make up routine, is similar to what I show you on my what's on my face posts so I won't bore you too much.

Where I change it up is using a blusher. If I need to last and stand out I will go for something with a bit more than an everyday colour. Sleek blushes are very pigmented, last on your skin and blend really well so these are what I usually opt for.

Two other things to consider are eyes and lips. Luckily, there are plenty of products out there to help you.

First of all on the eyes, you don't want to go heavy on the colour during the day because it can be a bit over powering, especially if you are at work. To glam up for the evening does not have to include lots of brushes or shades. One eye wonders such as Rimmel eye shadow paints are easy to blend with your fingers and stay on all evening.

Now, to my favourite part of most looks, the lips. For the day where a everyday shade that you are comfortable with, a great one that is on most people's budget is Hollywood Red from Maybelline. To work a lip in to an evening look all you need to do is change the colour for a bold berry or red shade. My favourites at the moment are Rimmels Glam Plum Fulham and Urban Decay's Venom. We all have multiple.

All you need to carry around with you is a good blusher, an eye shadow pencil and a couple of lipsticks for the smooth transition from lunch to dinner.

Lots of love
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