Make up Monday - The colour edit

Happy Monday lovely people, I was going through my small make up collection and I realised I wasn't giving the colours in my palettes enough love. As most people I tend to gravitate towards neutral shades such as golds, pinks and taupes. Not that there is anything wrong with that but I wanted to branch out a little.

My colours mainly come from the Sleek Palettes I own. I don't want to invest too much in shades I don't wear everyday but don't want to compromise on the quality either. Sleek is the perfect go between for such things.The shades are absolutely beautiful so I decided to do some experimenting and create some eye looks. I think this is the right time to do something like this as it is the time of year people elaborate more with colours.

These are two of the palettes I was experimenting with.

And this is one of the eye looks that I decided to come up with. I really liked the outcome of these looks. I am not sure how confident I am to recreate them on a evening or a special occasion but I will definitely give it a go.

Have you done make up looks that are out of your comfort zone?

Lots of love
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