Make up Monday - Choosing a Red lip

Happy Monday my loves, If there was a specific season dedicated to Red Lips it would December. The long nights and gatherings with friends and families are perfect to glam up your lips.

The idea of a red lip can be daunting at first, I use to find myself a bit weary when I started wearing it more often. Now, you will rarely see me without some form of red or bold lip. If there is any a time to experiment it is now. With plenty of people rocking the signature lip, it makes it easier for you to test out.

Choosing your red is another problem people have so I thought I would shed some light on how to pick the right red for you and your skin tone.

The shade
There are many shades of red of there from deep plum reds to orange toned reds. The only way to figure out which one you are comfortable with. Most reds will suit you but it depends on your comfort levels. If you are fair skinned you can still wear a dark lip but it will stand out more, making more of a statement, where as an orange toned red may look a bit more natural on you. The same is applied to those with a olive or dark skin tone.

The best to find out which one is you is to try them out. If you are wanting to try a drug store brand (Revlon do some amazing shades) then do a whole lot of swatching, Bare in mind that the colour on your hand is different to the colour of your face so take that in to account when searching the counters of Boots and Superdrug.

If you want more accuracy then the make up counter if your best friend. The make up ladies are always looking to find someone to put make up. Why not ask them which shades they would recommend and if they would try them on you. I know MAC will do this no questions asked (My MAC counter sanitise their lipsticks if this bugs you) DO NOT buy the lipstick straight away. Take your time look at the other shades. Go do some more shopping go back and if you like the lipstick and think it suits you in different lighting then purchase it.

The formula
A formula of a lipstick is important. It affects the finish and application of the lipstick. Here are some of the bigger formulas.

Sheer - This is for those of you who are not that comfortable with a bold lip. It provides you with a hint of colour without making too much of a big statement. The Loreal Caresse line would be my port of call for this formula.

Glossy/ Satin - This formula is for those who like moisturising lipsticks or lip glosses. They have the pigmentation of a matte lipstick but with some extra shine and moisture. I like the Revlon versions of these but Rimmel's Moisture renew line comes in at a close second. MAC's Amplified is another great slightly more expensive version. I do like this formula on the whole but some can get messy and move out of the lines.

Matte - My absolutely favourite formula for red lips. It gives the ultimate Hollywood look to your red lips. Some people can find them a bit drying but this is nothing that a lip balm cannot fix. If you like applying a lipgloss over your lipstick then this is a great formula for the gloss to stick too.

When you have the shade and formula down you are halfway there to a festive red lip. Next make up Monday where I show you how I apply red lipstick.

Let me know what your favourite shades and formulas are. 

Lots of love
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