Links I Love #23

Mascara Series | Lily Pebbles - Now l read Lily's blog everyday without fail but this week it is especially good. I love blog which have creativity. This week Lily started a mascara workshop series where she has given us plenty of tips from applying mascara to the formulas of mascara. A definite must read.

Madness Monday | Glam Life Guru - Again, I never miss a video from Tati and could quite easily place her in this segment every week. This week she brought back her Madness Monday. Coming from the UK and not having set foot in to a US Drugstore I found it quite intriguing and also a different kind of video to the ones I usually watch which was refreshing.

The Skincare Drawer | Ghost Parties - Apart from skincare extraordinaire Caroline Hirrons, Kate is one of the few people I go to when it comes to skincare. I know she does a tonne of research and knows her stuff. That is why any peek in to what skincare bits she is using is worth mentioning.

Wedding Haul | Laura loves beauty - Laura's videos are always great but this one is special. She recently got married (and looked stunning!) and as a treat she did a haul where she showed us what make up she used as she did her own make up. Girl looked absolutely flawless and could definitely have a career in being a make up artist.

Hope you enjoy reading these great blogs! have a lovely weekend.

Lots of love
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