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Hi there my loves, if you are celebrating christmas today I just want to say a huge Merry Christmas to you all. I hope you are all having a wonderful relaxing day with your loved ones.

2013 is nearly ending and it has definitely been a year of extremes. It has been one of the hardest years I have had but equally, there have been some wonderful times that I will be forever grateful for too. So for today's post I thought I would share some of my Instagram pictures of the highlights of the year.

Shopping always results in cookies / My birthday meal in January with some of my favourite people / Me and my best friend at the meal (so glad to have her as part of my life) / Just a bored selfie (I am usually quite scared about posting them aha) / Chocolate Peanut - the food find of the century / Vogue fashion night out took place in Manchester this year - was amazing / Blogging has been an incredibly big piece of 2013 and is set to be an even bigger part of my 2014 / A collage of some fun times with my little sister - one of my rocks this year / Me and my family at my best friends brothers wedding / a selfie with my favourite girl / Me and my best friend aka my sister / Rainbow cake! / Eid 2014 with my sister - loved our outfits and make up this day. / One of my first Beauty reads -  Beauty by Lauren Conrad / My ever first professional massage (at Neal's Yard event) / I baked some yummy healthy cookies / The fabb event in Manchester where I got to try these new popchips for the first time / The year of frozen yoghurt - Loving frurt yoghurt / Just catching up with my sister / I took my mum make up shopping - we hardly get to do this so it was fun / The PLT blogging event was incredible great clothes / I took one of my closest friends to see Olly Murs for her birthday / Another picture of me and Sam at the Olly Murs concert / Some of the blogging lovelies I am fortunate enough to call friends. 

Doing this has reminded me that even in the midst of the downs there is always the light - something that we enjoy and can be fortunate to have. One of the things I have learned that (as cheesy as it may sounds) with fabulous friends and family you can conquer anything.

I am so excited to see what 2014 brings and sharing it with you all. 

How was your year? what were your highlights?

Lots of love
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