St Grape Ancient Foot Scrub

Hello my loves, I want to introduce you to a brand called St Grape. I am still really new to it but so far like what I see.

I have a few of their products I am making my way through but the first one I have been able to use is the St Grape Ancient Foot Scrub* I have never really used a foot scrub before but it is something I have needed this season.

The first thing I noticed was the little details St Grape puts in to their packaging. I know it is not the be and end all of a product but it does make a difference. If you are looking for a a present to give someone, I would say these are packaged perfectly for them.

Now on to the actual scrub. The first thing I want to address is the texture of the scrub. The consistency is not the regular texture you would expect from a scrub. Think of sand but slightly thicker. You would this that this could be off putting but I have actually not had any problems with it.

The scrub contains Lavender oil which gives a nice relaxing smell when you open the tub. I am not usually a fan Lavender scents but this wasn't overpowering and quite pleasant.

One of the first I noticed when I applied this scrub is the moisturising qualities it has. As soon as it was on my foot I felt it sooth and nourish my skin. I found this to be the perfect prep to keep your feet soft as it is perfect to do before moisturising and putting a pair of socks on.

The one thing I would say is that if you travel a lot this is not a practical scrub. It comes at a friendly 500g per pot which I love but that makes it quite heavy so if you want to use it on your travels I would scoop some in a lighter container and make sure it is sealed properly.

I loved another part of the scrub - the midnight blue is a great colour giving a bit of a chic look to the product.

Overall I am impressed with the price point £25.00 for 500g = bargain! and the look of St Grape so far. I will keep you updated on some other products by them but so far I would definitely recommend this

Lots of love
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