Skincare Sunday - A sachet affair

Happy Sunday my lovelies, I hope you all have had a fab week and are winding down for the day.

A while ago I wrote a post about having a girls night in where I talked about all the things I like to do on a night in with my closest and dearest. I touched on the beauty and skincare aspect of the evening but I thought I would go in too it a bit more.

I know a lot of us do not have a array of face mask laying around our bathrooms for various reasons so if you want to enjoy a rare night like this it can be hard to gather a decent collection to try out and indulge in so I thought would show you a more budget friendly way to do this.

I read collect a lot of magazines ranging from Allure to Cosmo, many contain sachets of different beauty products from foundation to skincare or shampoo. I use to throw them out but more and more recently I have been wanting to keep them and give them a try.

The main reason for that was because they were sachets of brands I wanted to try. I have found them to be really useful on nights with the girls as once you gain a small collection you can share them out and give them all a go.

Sachets are a good and inexpensive way to have fun with friends and trying out new products. Now time to gather the girls for a bit of a catch up... 

Lots of love
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