Skincare Sunday - Benefits of cleansing balms

Happy Sunday my lovelies, so unless you have been hiding under a rock you will know cleansing balms have become a popular way to remove your make up. There are a lot of reviews out there about the different types out there. My current one is from Neal's Yard.

I thought I would share with you some of my personal reasons as to why I like using cleansing balms.

A little goes a long way
This is not a exaggeration. On face value cleansing balms can seem expensive (They range anywhere from £20.00 - beyond) but there is a good reason for that. They last for an insanely long time. I have had my Neal's Yard since August and there is no sign of a dent yet. I use such a tiny amount each time I have a feeling it will last till my birthday in January.

Hydrating on your skin
Cleansing balms are for pretty much ALL skin types. I have a feeling that is part of their appeal. If you have dry skin I would suggest trying a balm. They are very hydrating and as well cleaning your face locks in moisture.

Not harsh
If you have sensitive skin this is a must for you. Unlike other cleansers, cleansing balms ingredients are usually quite natural, definitely alcohol free and are soft. All of this means you are less likely to react to anything in them.

Clean and fresh. 
I have used make up wipes, regular cleansing gels the lot and there have been times when I have felt my face still had some residue left on it. I have not had that  feeling with cleansing balms. I had decided to try and double cleanse and realised I didn't need to aggravate my skin on a regular basis with extra products so I just do that when I have extra make up on.

Those are some of my favourite reasons to use a cleansing balm and why I am in no rush to change this part of my regime.

Do you use cleansing balms? if you do let me know what you think. 

Lots of love
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