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Happy Sunday you wonderful bunch of people. I hope you're well. One thing that has astounded me lately is the amount of nutrients people can lack in the UK. Personally, I never thought I lacked much but recently I found that I have been lacking in B Vitamins, which let me tell you, is not fun.

Why we need B vitamins
We need these nutrients for pretty much everything from our skin to our brains. Lack in these nutrients can cause is to feel low on energy, reduces blood flow around your body and generally makes you feel weak. Beauty wise it causes hair loss, brittle weak nails and affects your skin. It isn't a very easy thing to live with but it can be remedied.

What can you do
As I mention this is something I am personally keeping track off and one of the things I am planning to do is adding coconut oil to my hair care routine to thicken it up slightly and hopefully improve its condition.

Another thing you have to do is adjust your diet slightly. It is true what they say you are what you eat and a lot of B Vitamins can be absorbed from the food you intake. Food such as eggs, broccoli, peas, bread and pasta all contain essential B Vitamins.

The last option of course is supplements, which is not something I am an expert in so will not be talking about them in too much detail. I would suggest going to Madaline Shaw or a Doctor who knows what they are talking about for advice you can 100% rely on.

The reason I did this is post is to remind you that skincare is not just all about potions and lotions. As much as I like using skincare products which I do it works in conjunction with what you put in your body and what your body needs. For example if certain foods give you spots yet you carry on eating in no amount of products will permenantly get rid of the spots.

I hope this helps some of you and if any of you have any suggestions please do let me know. 

Lots of love
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