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Happy Monday my loves. It is fair to say that the socialising season is truly well underway. If the christmas adverts on the TV were not enough to excite you then no doubt your work get together or friends parties will get you in to the social spirit.

With all of this along with your everyday demands can wreak havoc on your skin and one of the things that most of us look for during this time of year is having a flawless base. There are different ways in which to do this. In winter this can be kind of hard to maintain and a quick fix is not always possible. Sometimes you need to step back and actually prep your skin a few days in advance or at least from the evening before.

Here is what I do when I know I have to make sure my skin needs to be in top condition.

STEP 1- Exfoliation - So if I have a interview or if my skin is dry and I know I will be going out the day after I use an exfoliating cleanser especially on the dry areas. I've mentioned this before but in a nutshell this gets rid of flaky skin leaving you with a smooth layer. Think of it like sanding over a bumpy surface. This is crucial if you want flawless foundation as many foundations can stick to dry skin making it look bumpy rather than smooth and flawless. I also cleanse with this the following morning too.

STEP 2 - Moisture - Think of your skin like a sponge, if you wash it, you need to replace the moisture so that it springs back to life. One way to do this is at the end of your skincare routine. I would suggest using both a serum and then a moisturiser but if you are a bit younger or just do not use a serum don't panic! A good moisturiser will still help with the hydration boosting the quality of your skin adding to the flawless looking base we are wanting.

STEP 3 - Primer - Now for those of you who do not use a primer may be thinking you can skip this step and I get it - I use to be one of you but ever since I have used one I have not looked back. I use it whenever I am wearing my tinted moisturiser and is a must for special occasions. Primers are actually of the few products I would say to make sure you invest in however I have tried one from Bourjois and it is the only one I truly like and get one with from the drugstore. (Keep an eye out for the review.)

After you have done all three steps your skin in prime for apply your choice of base on before you set off and enjoy your evening.

All these steps are used by and work for me so I hope it helps some of you out.

Enjoy the socialising!

Lots of love
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