Lipcote Review

Hello my loves, I wanted to share with you a product I don't hate, but it isn't my favourite. As you all know I love lipsticks and in my early make up days (which was only a couple of years ago if I am being honest) I was looking for new ways to make them last on my lips.

I had herd a little bit about Lipcote so I decided to give it a try. Although it did the job, I had a few issues with it.

When I applied it my lips became really dry and started to feel uncomfortable. It soaked up the moisture on my lips which is how it keeps the lipsticks lasting on your lips all day but it didn't sit nicely on the lips.

The second thing is the smell. The one thing I do not want from a product is to be reminded of medicine. I can stand most smells but unfortunately I did not get on with the smell of this product. This is where I would normally suggest trying to smell it before buying but lipcote is packaged up so unfortunately you can't do that.

Lipcote's price point is great it is about £3.00 from Superdrug so if it is something you want to try and you end up not liking it you won't be breaking the bank.

So for all the bad things I have said about this the one thing I will mention is that it does work. Your lipstick does stay on and you will need a make up remover to take it off. I haven't chucked mine away (as you can see) as I am hoping I can tolerate it for big occasions like family weddings where the last thing I do is worry about my make up...other than that I will just stick to my usual lip prep and matte formulas.

What do you guys think of Lipcote? have you tried it?

Lots of love
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