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Bullying - my story | Couture Girl - I am fortunate enough to call Kayleigh a friend and when she posted this post about her experience of bullying I choked up a little. No one, especially someone as lovely as Kayleigh, deserves to be bullied. Speaking from experience it can have the ability to completely crush a person's confidence. I am so proud of Kayleigh for being very strong.

We have some news | Tom & Giovanna Fletcher  - Personally, I think Tom from McFly and his Wife are the cutest people in the planet. Every time I see them on YouTube or on TV you can tell it is a replationship filled with love and admiration for each other. Want proof? earlier this week they took to the world of YouTube where they have done countless singing videos together to announce that they are expecting their first child. I obviously don't know the couple personally but I can imagine them being the best parents the child could ask for.

Seeds & Supplements | Liana Beauty - I have been wanting to get a bit healthier on the inside rather than just appear to be healthy. I have been a bit more concious about what I eat and try and take in nutritional value rather than just joy with the food I eat. The problem being is that there is so much information out there it is hard to know where to begin. Cue this wonderfully written post by the lovely Amelia. She breaks it down in a way that anyone reading it can understand.

October Lookbook | Beauty Crush   - Need style inspiration this season? Meet my style crush of the year Sammi. I am sure many of you know her and her channel before but I love everything she is wearing in her latest lookbook. I love how she mixes it up. One day she will be cutesy and girly and the next she will be slightly edgy and rock chic. Personally that is what I try and do so it is nice to gain inspiration from.

Easy DIY Halloween Costume Ideas | Andrea's Choice - I know I know halloween has come and gone but this video from Andrea is one of the best I have seen. They are not all 'scary' so if you are fresher and looking for some fancy dress options this is perfect. It budget friendly, well thought out and easily replicated. I actually watched a halloween segment on E!News and have to say Andrea's creativity was much better than what the stylist came up for 'cost efficient' costumes.

There you go my lovelies, those are some of the best finds this week. Let me know what you have been watching and reading.

Lots of love
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