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Happy Weekend beauties! Today's post is going to feature some of the videos and blogs I have been enjoying lately. There are not many compared to the other weeks just because I have been really busy and not had enough time to trawl through my favourite blogs (which lets face it, I read far too many) but don't worry I will be making up with it with lots of new exciting discoveries next month! so stay tuned for that.

Beauty Q&A with Glam Life Guru | Nikki Phillippi
Two of my favourite beauty gurus giving their advice and answering our beauty questions? Yes please! both Tati and Nikki have an incredible amount of knowledge and experience with make up (as well other things such as health, general life ect) to me they are up at the top of the list of people I would go to for advice. Not only do they know there stuff but they are so genuine and lovely you literally want to be their friends (a bit stalkerish to say but so true!)  so this video is awesome and I would recommend you all to watch it.

Make up products I love | Pixi Woo
The beautiful Sam Chapman giving us her favourite products? yes please! I have been watching Pixi Woo channel for a while now and some of my favourite videos (besides being in awe of how flawless they do their tutorials) is when they sit and tell us about some of their favourite products. I always make a note of what they recommend when I am doing some research.

Sorry the list is short but I hope you enjoy these and have a lovely weekend! 

Lots of love
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