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Christmas Gift Guide | Lily Pebbles
Beauty products at this time of year is on a whole new level. There are so many products out there at the moment and so many brands coming out with some great gift sets. Needless to say this can get a little bit daunting, especially if you are not in to that sort of thing and are venturing in to those areas for a friends. This video from Lily is pretty amazing, there are a lot of ideas with a varied price range which is great if you have a budget. I've only watched a couple so far this year but this is the most informative one I have seen at the moment.

Blogger Outtakes | Dizzy Brunettes
I love Corrie, if we met I know we could have some serious MIC conversations. (I would also pester her for style tips the girl always look amazing) I enjoyed reading this post because I know how hard bloggers work. (It is one of the reasons I like doing these kind of posts) It takes a lot more effort and planning than most people realise. The points in this post made me laugh and nod in agreement with them.

Outfit Faux Leather outfit | Through Chelsea Eyes
If you have ever met Chelsea you will know she is one of the most funny, lovely girls you will meet. I love her style and this has to be one of the nest outfits I have seen this week.

Podcast | The High Tea Cast 
For those of you who may not know I've started to have an early commute to get to my internship. The journey is quite long so to keep my mind entertained I have been reading a lot which I love. I have also been listening to podcasts instead of music. (I need to update my music library) and I have been loving the High Tea Cast podcast. It has everything you need to make you laugh and think from views on cake to the latest apps as well as great music and political banter. If you are in your twenties you will definitely love listening to this.

Let me know if you check any of these links out. Have a great weekend you beautiful people.

Lots of love
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