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Urban Decay Naked 3 review | From head to toe  - Now, I know the Twitter sphere has already been going absolutely crazy about the new Naked offering from Urban Decay including me. This week there have been some online reviews of the beautiful eye shadow palette. I've watched a couple and have to say Jen's is the best I have seen. I love watching her reviews in general but she goes in-depth about the palette so it is really useful if you are in two minds about getting it when it is released.

Side Effects | Awesomeness TV - Awesomeness TV is an American YouTube channel which features lots of different series. I usually just watch the Make Me Over episodes ft Ingrid however they recently started a websites called side effects. It is about a family of 5 kids whose father has left them and the main girl has to takes pills for depression. I don't want to spoil it too much for you but watching this actually brought tears to my eyes as I felt really bad for the family.

DIY Colourful advent | A beautiful mess  - This is a really cool alternative to a traditional advent calendar. It is a fun thing to do if you come from a big family or have lots of children around.

Affordable alternative - bodycare | Ghost Parties - I like a good bargain or knowing you don't have to spend your money unnecessarily. I like investing money in my skincare but if you know you stuff you can weedle out what is worth it and what isn't. I've been reading Kate's blog for the longest time so I know I can fully trust her views especially where skincare is concerned.

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