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Healthy eating - Autumn Cooking | Nouvelle Daily  -Winter just that word makes me think of sheppards pies and hot chocolate. It is quite easy to forget that food is about nourishment as well as enjoyment at this time of year. I am all for having a treat and indulging once in a while which is why i think post is quite useful. it gives you the perfect know how for balance.

Happy and Healthy | Carrie Hope Fletcher - This only came in to my subscription box yesterday but I really had to share this with you. I have to admit I have body hang ups a lot more now at 22 than I did when I was 14 (which I know is odd) but the confidence and the boost this video will give girls is phenomenal. I genuinely applaud Carrie for leading the life she does yet still being able to maintain that amazing personality and confidence which can often be stumped out of you as you grow older.

Tips for dealing with disappointment | Patricia Bright - This year has been filled with up and downs without dwelling on it you have to learn with situations you least expect as they come up. We cannot predict the future or when we are going to be happy or sad and plan accordingly. The tips in the video are some of the things I try to incorporate in to my life and I found myself nodding and saying 'preeaaccchhhhh' throughout.

Fashionicide | Halima - Everything about this blog from the insanely amazing make up to the written content is fabulous. I look forward to reading every post I see on Halima whether it is for the fashion or tips on the perfect eye liner. (I really want a make up lesson from her)

Let me know some of your favourite blog posts and YouTube videos from the week. :)

P.S -  Just a little disclaimer - I genuinely write these post so you can see the lovely effort people put in to some of the fabulous stuff I read and watch - not to suck up to anybody. I just like sharing and appreciating good hard work when I see it.

Lots of love
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