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Happy Friday my beauties, Last week I told you about my time at the fabulous sweet shop so today, I thought I would share with you the news of another food store that has opened up in the Trafford Centre. The store in question is called Win Naturally*

If you watch a lot of American YouTube videos, you will be aware that in the UK the places where we can get nutritious, healthy snacks are few and far between. The only Whole Foods is based in London. Anyway, before I digress Win Naturally bridges this gap.

When I say healthy, I do not mean fat free (clue, nothing is actually fat free). What I mean is that the ingredients are items that we know. They are short and not packed with E numbers and preservatives.

Win Naturally is full of food like this from sweets and chocolate (yes chocolate can be good for you) to gluten free products for those who need gluten free food. It is a good place to look at if you like food as their is plenty of choice for adults and children alike.

Price wise, some items may be a little bit expensive but for the most part I found what they have to offer reasonably priced. You can find everything they sell online here.

It is a great place to stop by and pick up a quick snack while you are shopping or stocking up on some deilcious healthy snacks to replace their counterparts.  I think I need to pick up the Bionica Dark Chocolate spread the next time I am there.

Have you visited Win Naturally? and if so what do you think? 

Lots of love
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