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Happy Friday lovelies, what better way to start the weekend by talking about sweets! Last weekend I was fortunate enough to visit The Sweet Shop in the Trafford Centre.

If you visit The Trafford Centre regularly you will know that The Sweet Shop has been a part of the shopping centre for two years. It was based in the great hall, now I am happy to say they have now moved in to their own store which is just next to the Disney store (One of my favourite stores in the centre)

The Sweet Shop brings back a vintage and retro feel to eating sweets. The sweets are stored in cute jars and the store is surrounded by beautiful quotes. Does anyone remember flying saucers and drumsticks? me too!

The sweets also cater for everyone needs as I do not Gelatine finding sweets can be a bit tricky but they do have some options. Alongside that they also offer gluten free and diary free sweets so everyone can enjoy the sweet shop goodies.

What I love about The Sweet Shop is how they are bringing the art of sweets in to the 21st century. They are one of the very few places you are able to buy sweets online. It is perfect if you are planning a party as you can quickly place an order without having to worry about going to the store.

If you are planning events I would highly recommend speaking to The Sweet Shop about a pop up store as not only the sweets delicious but they are also lovely people.

Overall it was fantastic to see such a wonderful business blooming in one of my favourite places to shop. You can see the wonderful sweets they have to offer here. It is definitely worth checking out their site as they have been kind enough to give everyone who reads this a 10% discount with the code bloggers10. 

P.S - There is a lot going on in the Trafford Centre with shops such as Lush, Win Naturally & Shu Umura but I shall save that for another day. 
Lots of love
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