First Impressions - Khiel's creamy eye treatment in Avocado.

Happy Wednesday! my post on sachets the other week got me thinking two things two things. 1 - I really need to use more up and 2 - it gave me the idea of doing first impression posts.

The reason I decided to call it first impression posts is because a lot of the time, especially in skincare the sachets you get are not always enough to give you a real indication about a product. It can take a while for you to see any effects good or bad.

Saying that, I still wanted to share my thoughts with you, and although they won't be as in-depth as my usual beauty reviews I hope it will help some of you.

First of I have been wanting to try this eye cream for the longest time so when Grazia Magazine had a voucher where you could get a sample of it I literally ran to the nearest news agents and picked up a copy.

The sachet I would say gives you anything from 2-4 uses depending on how sparingly you use it which is not too bad. It gives you the feel of the product.

The consistency is green, due to the Avocado (which on it's own has amazing skincare benefits.) Compared to my Origins eye cream it is slightly thicker in texture but that just means you take your time patting it in to your skin. I use my ring finger and found it works really well.

I would say the Khiel's creamy eye treatment is one to consider if you are looking for a good day time eye cream. For me personally it works better in the morning than in the evening. If you want something that is a bit more for the evening their other eye creams are a great alternative to try all of which you can find here.

Have you tried the Creamy eye treatment from Khiels yet? 

Lots of love
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