Fashion Friday - Work Essentials.

Work Essentials

Happy Friday my loves, today I thought I would show you some of my everyday essentials for work fashion edition. The weather has been cold and there is a lot a woman needs in the days to carry around with her to make sure she is comfortable and not freezing this winter. 

Tartan Dress | similar one here
Now, I don't consider myself someone who follows trends religiously - I am a firm believer that fashion is 80% style and 90% trend. It is also something personal to the individual. Saying that, I have fallen a little bit in love in with tartan dresses. I think they can be so versatile. You can wear these for smart business meetings or wear them for a day shopping. I like wearing dresses with a blazer for work. 

Black Pants | similar here
A absolute staple if you work in an office. You can tailor it to your own style by wearing any top of your choice but they help add a bit of a professional flair to your outfit. 

Pink Coat | 
I have an hour and a half bus commute to my internship there and back. I don't mind travelling but it can get really cold waiting for the bus to arrive so having a warm coat is definitely needed. There are plenty to choose from. 

Boots | 
With the weather being unpredictable in the UK it is good to be prepared. A good pair of boots keep your feet warm and stop the rain from getting to your feet. A tip I use is to keep a pair of flats in your desk so if you have an important meeting later on in the day you can quickly put them on. My feet would be absolutely dead in recent weeks if it was not for these boots. 

Zara city bag | £49.99
I hardly splurge but when I do, I make sure it is worth it. My god, I am glad I invested in this bag. It allows me to carry everything from my laptop, chargers, a book to read on the bus not to mention a snack (girls got to eat) It is quite big but works well with a lot of outfits and is generally a very practical useful bag for anyone from a student to a woman working in the office will make use out of. 

There you have it, those were some of my work fashion essentials. Let me know what is on your list. 

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