Fashion Friday - The shopping list

Happy Friday lovelies, I thought I would do something different today. I was looking through my wardrobe and realised that I am not as winter ready as I thought. There are some serious gaps that need to be filled if I am going to stay warm this season. 

That being said I don't really want to spend too much so I devised a shopping list of things of things I NEED and hope I can stick to it. (not too likely but we shall see) 

Jumpers/ Sweaters/ Knitwear 
I love lounge wear. If you know me, you will know the moment I step through my house door I put on some comfy clothes. Huge confession - I probably own a lot more PJs than I should admit. Knitwear, Sweaters, Jumpers are key staples for me as an oversized jumper paired with some skinny jeans and boots is my ultimate outfit for most of the year. 

I have recently started an internship which I am enjoying BUT I need more appropriate clothes. Usually the amount of clothes (which isn't a lot) I won does not bother me but I began to realise that I needed more smart casual tops so I don't end up in a style rut and wearing the same thing everyday. 

Again this is pretty much the same. If you had asked me when I saw 13 would I wear dresses chances are I would say no. I was a total tomboy and felt like I would not be allowed to run around in a dress. Fast forward to 2013 and I have to say I love dresses. I wear them on a regular basis whether it is to work with a blazer and heels or with a sweater and boots. Either way a complete staple which I need a couple more of this season. 

The boots I currently own are from Primark - last year! I need to upgrade them asap. I've seen so many nice ones lately. I want a nice classy pair with a slight edge to them so I can wear them to work without looking like a scruff. At the moment I have another pair of shoes in the office for times when I need to be a lot more formal. 

Slipper socks/ winter socks 
Warm socks do make such a difference. I use to laugh at my dad when he would say wear some socks if I mentioned I was cold but I have to eat my words and say it makes a big difference. I bought a pair of snuggly socks from Primark, which last a very long time but my sister has taken some so I need some new ones. They are perfect for christmas day too for lounging around the house in comfy clothes. They are less than £5 for two pairs and last for a long time! Get some and see the difference. 

My hands get incredibly dry over the winter time. I am always washing up, out and about so a pair of gloves is a must. Because of my dry hands (A few years ago I had to go to the GP because of it) I am a bit fussy when it comes to gloves. They don't have to cost a lot but I do look around before just buying the first pair I see. 

And there is my winter shopping list. I hope you have enjoyed reading this as much as I have enjoying writing it. Let me know what is on your list. 

P.S BIG SAVING TIP -  For good deals on the items I have mentioned check out your supermarket clothing lines. The quality is good and the prices are not sky high. Happy shopping! 

Lots of love
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