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Good Morning my beauties, I have a confession to make up until winter I did not use a serum in my skincare routine. Fast forward to winter 2013 and it is now a staple product I cannot be without.

A serum is used primarily before your moisturiser as an added boost of hydration for your skin. To me serums have become a winter essential especially for those of you who suffer from dry or dehydrated skin. Even if you normal skin type like me it is a great addition to your nighttime routine.

I have been using the ESPA Optimal Skin ProSerum* for a few weeks and I have to say I have a bit of a love affair with it. It is a light formula making it perfect for the day but it is nourishing enough to apply in the evening before bed.

I use it both times before applying my moisturiser and I find it locks the moisture in my skin especially in these harsh winds we have in the UK.

ESPA is a natural skincare brand, which is another reason I love them. Sometimes natural products can contain an unpleasant smell but I am happy to say the opposite about ESPA products that I have tried. In particular the ProSerum has a nice calming smell which is perfect for soothing the mood and mind as well your skin. It is one of the reasons why I enjoy using this especially in the evening.

Ingredients wise it is filled with goodness to improve the condition of your skin. The serum contains Rosehip and Echium oils to help aid healthy looking skin.

It also contains omega 3,6 and 9 along with vitamins A & E all of which helps keep the skin nourished. There are also ingredients such as Tumeric which helps brightens and evens out skin tone.

I have also found that because it absorbs really well and fast in to skin making it great to use as a hand treatment too. It is a expensive way to use the serum though so maybe keep that use to once a week.

A little goes a long way, I only need a little drop from the pippet to cover my whole face which is not on the small side so I am expecting to last a long time.

You can find the serum online at ESPA counters (Harvey Nichols in Manchester & Liverpool both stock ESPA products) and retails at £48.00. I know this may be pricey but it definitely worth the investment. I already want to purchase a back up incase I run out. 

Lots of love
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