Umberto Giannini - Frizzi Miracle Worker with Argon Oil

Hello my loves, I thought it was about time I talked about hair again. There are so many hair products out there that we can often feel overwhelmed with which ones to choose.

I recently ran out of my Organix Moroccan Oil and as tempting as it was to repurchase it I decided to see what I had and give it a shot. That just happened to be the Umberto Giannini Frizzi Miracle Worker* which I received in a goodie bag a while ago.

I had herd of the brand but never ventured in to it so I had no idea what to expect. I have to say I so far I am impressed.

As will all hair products I have to consider the smell. The argon oil in this smells incredible and will leave your hair smelling fresh and clean - which is always a good thing.

I apply this on damp hair after I have moisturised my face and body and mainly focus it on the ends of my hair rather than the top because those are the areas where my hair is more frizzy and can become dry. You only need one or two small sized pumps in your hand for it to cover everywhere.

If you have thick hair, you may need slightly more, but I would build it up rather than quirk extra on the first use to see how it absorbs in your hair. The consistency is as expected is oil like and I feel if you apply too much it can make your hair greasy which isn't what you want.

Ingredients wise Argon Oil is third on the list which is quite good as most that claim to have it in have a lower concentration of the oil in the mixture.

Personally I do prefer the Organix Moroccan Oil but this is a good alternative.

A 125ML will last you a very long time as you only use a little every time. it is great on long and medium length hair as both me and my sister have used it and like it.

Hair oil's can be expensive so if you are looking for something that is budget friendly this may be for you as it retails for just £6.99.

Do you use hair oil? if so which ones are your favourite? 

Lots of love
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