Skincare Sunday - After the shower

Hello my loves, last Sunday I shared with you the contents of my shower which you all seemed to liked however the beauty products do not just end there.

We all know there are things that need to be after the shower which are just as crucial to keep your skin feeling and looking its best. So, I thought I would share with you my after shower routine.

Well the first thing I do is pretty boring and it is clean my ears. I have no idea why but I find cleaning my ears really calming and therapeutic.

I then concentrate on my face. As I have been under hot water my face can get a bit dry especially when you come out in to the cold. To bring back some hydration to the skin I've started to apply a serum and my day moisturiser. My go to serum at the moment is the new ESPA Pro serum* which is amazing! (review coming next week) and my day mosituriser is my holy grail Origins Energy boosting moisturiser.

Then I head to my room and tackle the body. Depending on how much time I have this can go two ways. I usually use the Garnier ultimate beauty oil because as you all know I really enjoy it BUT for those days I want something slightly more indulgent where I can spend time looking after my skin I will sure my body butters from Soap & Glory.

After this the first item of clothing I wear (which may seem strange to some of you) are socks. I find this is the best way to make sure my feet stay soft and stop them from becoming dry.

I don't blow dry my hair. I haven't blown dry my hair for years because I usually have my shower in the evenings or during the day when I do not have too much to do so I can leave it be. By this time it is still damp so I apply some hair oil to the ends of my hair to add some moisture to it. If you don't do this I would. I have noticed such a difference in the condition of my hair since doing this! It has been a life saver. It brings the life back to my hair. I currently go between the Loreal Elvive Extraordinary  hair oil and the Umberto Giannini Miracle Worker with Argon Oil. (An alternative to either of these could be coconut oil)

There you have it, that is what I use and why I use them after I have shower. The key is to add the moisture back in your skin as soon as you can to prevent your skin from becoming flaky and your hair getting dry.

I hope this helps some of you. Let me know what you use after the shower. 

Lots of love
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