October Favourites

Hey beautifuls, well another month as come and gone. We are one more month closer to 2014. Anyone else find that strange? I know a lot of people say this but it has truly gone by so fast!

Anyway enough of my ramblings, here is what you are all here to read about, the things I have been loving this month.

Beauty Favourites

Rimmel Moisture Renew lipstick in 470 Glam Plum Fulham
I owe this discovery to the lovely Anna who can pretty much sell me anything. I had been eying this range from Rimmel after hearing about the new packaging. I won't go in to too much detail as I did a review of the lipstick here but this is such a perfect berry shade for A/W. It is my first lipstick from Rimmel and I plan to get more.

Hand Dream - Soap & Glory
I reviewed this earlier this month but basically this is a better version of Hand Food. This is my go to hand cream at the moment and I will be repurchasing it pretty soon. Perfect for cold months when hands get really dry.

MAC Fall out Fabulous
This is from the new retro matte collection by MAC. It launched at the end of September. Now I have to admit I usually don't run towards every MAC collections but this one was incredible. It took me a while to track this down but it is now part of the permanent collection. If you are in to matte lipsticks I would go check this shade out along with the others from the collection. It is long lasting, very pigmented and a great vibrant lilac shade for this season. This lipstick rarely leaves my lips I have worn it that much since I purchased it.  I have my eye on All Fired Up and Relentlessly Red from the collection too.

ESPA Lip balm*
Now that winter has taken over I need to make sure my lips are hydrated. I have been using this Mandarin lip balm by ESPA every single day. It is the perfect overnight lip balm as it keeps your lips nourished till you wake up. I also find because it isn't slippery it is great to put under matte lipstick.

ESPA Pro Serum*
It is official, I am a skincare junkie. I have been waiting to share this with you all. I have a review on this coming up but this has been an absolute staple this month. Winter has come and my skin can get dehydrated in areas so this helps to keep the moisture in. I use it morning and night. It smells incredible, it is full of natural skin friendly ingredients such as Rosehip oil. If you are looking to invest in a serum I would highly recommend this.

Non Beauty Favourites

A year ago, I would have told you I disliked kiwi (Hate is a bit too strong) it wasn't a fruit I ate regularly but recently I have been eating them non stop! Perfect as part of a fruit salad.

Ever eat something constantly then run out and have a deep craving for them? That is exactly how I have felt about raspberries this month. Perfect mix of bitter and sweet I could literally eat boxes and boxes of the fruit. (Sorry they are not included in the picture - I ate them and chucked out the packaging oooppps)

Allure Magazine
Allure magazine is one of my top 5 magazines. The articles are well written and so varied with full of tips for those beauty obsessed like me. This months Allure Magazine as the biggest the magazine has produced yet. More pages of all things beauty? need I say more? 

Lots of love
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