Neal and Wolf daily cleansing shampoo

Hey my loves. I have talked about Neal and Wolf hair products on the blog before and I have to say so far I have been impressed with everything I have tried.

I first saw them at my hair salon when I got my hair cut and being the beauty addict that I am have been intrigued by them ever since.

First of all let me say this the smell of the Neal & Wolf Cleansing Shampoo* is stunning. I think the smell of shampoo is quite important and something I look for. It smells fresh, light and slightly fruity. It is a long lasting smell - it lingers in my hair for the rest of the day which I love.

I have been trying to find hair products to make my hair more healthy and bring some life back to it. After being ill my hair isn't in the condition it once was. There is still a bit to go but this shampoo has definitely been helping.

It is a lightweight formula so it is great if you have fine hair and you are looking for a shampoo that won't weight it down.

It is on the expensive side of haircare and if you on a budget you may want to skip this or ask for it as present but if haircare is something you invest in I would look in to Neal & Wolf as I haven't been disappointed yet.

Neal & Wolf is currently on sale on Beauty Bay here.

Have you tried anything from Neal & Wolf? 

Lots of love
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