Make Up Monday - The lipgloss edition

Hey there my loves. Yes you read right, I have a blogpost with the world lipgloss in it. If you read my blog you will know as much I am a lipstick obsessive te opposite can be said about lipgloss.

I generally find lipglosses to be too sticky, none lasting and just generally not practical but I know that many of you do enjoy lipglosses so I thought I would share with you the few I have in my collection. 

The first I will talk about are the Rimmel Apocalips. These are called lip laquers but do have a bit of a glossy finish in my opinion. There is a lot of hype surrounding these and although I still prefer lipsticks. I found that I needed to be quite careful when applying this on the edges of my lips and use a liner with this. 

They are really pigmented. Big Bang and Apocaliptic are beautiful colours though so it is worth looking in too. 

The other lipglosses I have come from Maybelline and is from their colour sensational line. I have the shades. I wore the heck out of these when I was in university and was getting use to wearing make up everyday. If you are shy from. Lipstick but still feel like you want a little something I would give these a go. The lasting power isn't there however they are not too sticky making it bareable on your lips.

One that surprised me comes from MUA. I received it a promotional gift superdrug was doing earlier this year. When I tried it, I have to admit I was impress.

It has a vanilla scent to it which I really like. The lasting power is of course like other lipgloss not great but the formula is good. It plumps up your lips and is not sticky. The shade I have is clear so I cannot comment on the pigmentation but for the price (£2.00) if you like gloss they are worth looking in to. 

There are a ton of lipglosses out on te high street that people swear by. If yu like something more sheer on your lips they are worth looking in too and see if you like them. 

Do you like lipglosses or do you tend to stay clear from them? 

Lots of love
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