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Happy Saturday my beauties! I hope you have had a lovely week. I have been quite busy so I haven't had a chance to read and watch my regular amount of blogs this week but these are some that I have loved.

Brand Focus - Bobbi Brown | Essie Button
I have loved watching Estee's videos for a long time now. Her personality and passion in each one is very clear to anyone who watches her. She recently started a new series called brand focus, where she talks about a brand, it's history and her favourite products from them. The latest one is about a brand I love not just because of it's products but because of it's ethos and what it stands for.

How to start blogging | Em Talks
The lovely Emma runs a great blog and has been nominated for numerous awards which is phenomenal as it is only a year old. With this great success I think it is fair to say she knows a thing or two about blogging. This week she shared some tips which I found really interesting. Any blogger should give it a read.

Revlon Laquer Balm | Glam Life Guru
I love discovering new launches. I think it is part of being a beauty obsessive - getting excited when your favourite brands bring out new products. Tati and this video has got me itching for Revlon to bring out these new and improved versions of the balm stains in the UK. I hope it is soon! The matte ones look absolutely incredible.

Company Social - How we make company magazine | Company Magazine
I would love the opportunity to work in the beauty department of Company Magazine. I love reading their editorials and their tips. They are really useful and full of creativity. This week the magazine gave us a peak at what it would it would be like to take part in their meeting. For someone who has asked nearly everyone I come across for advice this is the creme de la creme for me. Not only did it show the lovely ladies at Company are hard working but it shows how kind, energetic and passionate they are.

1960's Mod make up tutorial | Dulce Candy
Halloween is coming up and most of the tutorials I have seen although incredible are mostly quite scary. There is nothing wrong with that but if you are like me and would prefer something that is cool but semi girly this look from the stunning Dulce Candy is one to watch. 

Hope you managed to find something new. Let me know what you have been loving from the blogging and YouTube world this week.

Lots of love
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