Links I love #13

Happy Weekend my loves! here are some of the links I have been loving over the week. Hope you enjoy!

TTYL Channel - If you follow me on twitter and my blog regularly you will know Estee and Gemma run some of my favourite blogs and YouTube channels. They also happen to be close friends and decided to create a new channel together. There first video went live this week and it is as fabulous as I thought it would be.

Ask NikkiP - I am all about self help and being a better version of yourself. I often read advice blogs and watch motivational videos. I love Nikki Philippi's main channel I find what she says to be very motivational and real. She restarted her Ask Nikki segments. They are short and to the point making them perfect for tid bits of advice for those on the go! I have loved hearing her advice this week.

Fleur DeForce wedding video - A beautiful montage of the special day of a beautiful loving caring couple. Need I say more?!

Cak Dickinson | Cllrs - My friend Cat recently started a YouTube channel and I am really impressed with the editing she has quickly grasped. Her channel is relatively new and I think some people don't realise the effort a video of this quality takes to make. She also has great taste in clothes!

Nouvelle Daily | Seasonal Skincare - I have become a skincare junkie recently and I am trying my best to take better care of my skin. I found this post from Nouvelle perfect for tips and product recommendations. If you need to look after your skin more in winter this is a good place to start your research!

What have you been loving to read this week?

Lots of love
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