Biotherm Blue Therapy Serum- in- Oil night

Happy Thursday! I feel todays post is coming at the perfect time. It is around that time of week when we get tired from the daily routine and in turn our skin can lag and feel slightly dull which is exactly what this serum combats.

For those of you who may not know a serum is the stage in your routine you apply just before your moisturiser. It produces extra hydration while you sleep so you wane up with fresh looking skin.

What makes this Serum-in-Oil* from Biotherm special is that it is the first of its kind. Instead of having a oil like consistency the formula is a gel. I find this rather pleasing and perfect for the evening because although it appears it would be really heavy on your skin it blends in really well and sinks in providing that moisture you want without you feeling weighed down.

Biotherm claims this is a non greasy formula and I have to say I agree. Considering this contains oil there is no greasy feeling whatsoever. I was pleasantly surprised but makes it perfect for most skin types. 

The blend of  vegetal oil is rich in antioxidants which boasts a string of skin benefits including nourishing the skin which I noticed only after a couple of uses. I no longer wake up feeling like my skin is dry in fact since using this my skin feels very soft and radiant from the moment I wake up.

If you are in your late twenties or older with a bit more mature skin this is a perfect serum to invest in. For those of you who are bit younger it is something you can look forward to using but not a product you need at this moment in time.

I would say if like me you have normal or combination skin this is a good serum to use. If you have dry skin it is still worth trying if you can get hold of a free sachet. One thing I would note is that if you are sensitive to alcohol it does contain a tiny amount so take that in to consideration too your skin type too.

For a delve in to my first serum I have to say I am impressed.

You can find out more about the Biotherm Blue Therapy Serum-in-oil night here and it retails for £44.00.

Have you tried this new generation of serum yet?

Lots of love
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