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I've had the fortune to consider  Meg from the blog and YouTube channel Wonderful You a friend and have to say she is as lovely on the inside as she appears on her blog and videos. We sat down and I got to ask her some questions for you all.

What made you start your blog?
It was a lousy rainy day in April 2012, I’d been reading Zoella’s blog religiously and I suddenly thought, wait a minute – I could be doing this too! That was pretty much it and the rest is history :)

For those who may not have come across wonderful you what do you blog about?                 
The majority of my posts revolve around fashion, predominately ‘outfits of the day’. But I throw the odd beauty post in along with a few lifestyle posts as and when something interesting happens! (Which is a rarity! ;))

Have you always been passionate about fashion & beauty?
100% – it’s difficult not to be with my mum and aunty around. I’d definitely say they sparked my love for fashion and still to this day at 24 years old I’m raiding their wardrobes.

Is blogging something you would pursue as a career?
Honestly, yes. I’m not one to tell fibs and I truly believe that a lot of bloggers out there would love for their passion/hobby to be their career. Don’t get me wrong, I love it just the way it is, but it would make waking up in the mornings even more enjoyable knowing that something I had created was helping me progress in life.

You also have a YouTube channel was it a hard decision to post your first video?
Not really! I studied musical theatre at college and have always been comfortable speaking with people, so YouTube seemed the right path for me; after all, it is just you and the camera :) 

What do you like most about being a part of the blogging community?
The people :) it is honestly the loveliest group I’ve ever had the pleasure to associate with. Sometimes with blogging (like anything) you will have down days, where you feel like maybe it isn’t for you – and that’s when the blogging community comes together. There has never been a time that I’ve been down that at least one of them hasn’t been there to lift me back up again. It sounds cheesy, but it’s true!

What plans do you have in the future for Wonderful You?
There are no plans, I’m just going to continue to do what I love and see what happens!

Besides blogging what other interest do you have?
To be honest working 9-5 and then blogging in the evenings takes up pretty much all my spare time. But when I do have a moment, I love reading a good book or relaxing with a pilates class.

Is there any advice you would give to someone new to the world of blogging & YouTube?
With blogging, just make sure you’re doing it for you! It’s a place to jot down your thoughts and passions and as long as you are enjoying yourself, that’s all that matters. 

YouTube is exactly the same; although, it is more accessible to the public than a blog and personally I have found you are open to more criticism from viewers. You certainly have to be thick skinned - but saying that, the good far outweighs the bad and it’s one of my favourite things to do!

What are your beauty must haves?
I have a list as long as my arm that I could reel off – but to narrow it down to what I really couldn’t live without…my touché éclat and my Bobbi Brown corrector. Being a sufferer with dark circles under my eyes they are the only two products I would purchase over and over again.

Thank you for taking the time to talk to us Meg, you are a star.

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Lots of love
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