Skincare Sunday - It's all about the oil

Happy Sunday! It is the first Sunday of September which in terms mean it is coming closer to the cold weather and winter. I personally cannot wait! I love winter, the warm fires, the warm cups of tea and around christmas time everyone seem so much more happier.

Along with winter unfortunately, comes dry skin. I am not just talking about on your face but on your body too. I will go in to scrubs and other products at a later date BUT today I want to show you that keeping yourself moisturised and preventing your skin from getting dry can be easy and doesn't have to cost too much!

If you haven't joined the oil takeover yet...where have you been? They are the ultimate lazy girls aid to hydrating clean skin. This means they are absolutely perfect for winter.

Before I get carried away I thought I would share with you some of my favourites so far.

FACE - Double cleansing is a new step in my skincare. If you have been using make up wipes STOP! and use an alternative instead. I have started using the DHC Deep cleansing oil* to remove the bulk of my make up. Oils break down the molecules and are soft on your skin making it perfect for those of you with sensitive skin. There are many out there others that I want to try is this one from Origins and I have also had my eyes on this offering from Una Brenan. You can find both of these at boots for £20.00 & under. You only need a little each application this will last you a long time!

BODY - I have already raved about this offering from Garnier but their ultimate beauty oil is definitely something to write home about. You can read my full review here but the combination of four nourishing oils makes you feel like you are in a spa. It is the perfect thing to go alongside a bath/ spa night.

Do you have a favourite body or face oil? 

Lots of love
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