Skincare Sunday - Flannels or Muslin cloths?

Happy Sunday beautifuls, Hope it is a lazy and relaxing one for you. I thought I would talk about an often neglected part of our skincare routine. If you hadn't noticed from the title that is what we dry our faces with after putting all those lovely products on to our skin.

If you are in to your skincare you will no doubt know the two items most of wash our face with are muslin cloths and flannels.

What is the difference you may ask? A muslin cloth is a lot more thinner and the material making it soft and smooth whereas a flannel is a bit more thicker in consistency and therefore slightly harsh.

Which one should you use? I think most if not all skin types should be able to use flannels. The reason I moved from using make up wipe is because of the affect it has on your skin.

After a while of testing both out I can say I enjoy using flannels a lot more compared to muslin cloths. Not only are they skincare specialist Caroline Hirrons recommended I feel like they make myself feel a lot more cleaner and fresh.

Muslin cloths are a bit too soft for my personal liking. The fact flannels are thicker sits well with me. It is also very cost effective. Muslin cloths can be expensive to replace depending where you get them from and the quality can vary. Flannels on the other hand can be found in Primark and the quality is good. They also come in packs of three which is handy.

Remember there are a lot of factors that affect your skin along with the products you use on it. 

Lots of love
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