September Wishlist

September Wishlist

Chanel Cream Blush
I have grown to love cream blushes, my favourite being Max Factors offering. I've reading plenty of reviews on the blushes from Chanel. This has been making me more slowly intrigued up to the point I popped it in to my WishList.

Estée Lauder eye duo in Raisin
I noticed these beautiful colours a while ago on a couple of blogs and purposely put it at the back of my head however after seeing Chelsea's review it came back to the forefront mind and I had to swatch it the next time I walked past the counter. That was a bad idea as I completely fell head over heels for it. Everything from the packaging to the colours and quality of the product is absolutely beautiful. 

Caudalie cleansing water
I've been trying to double cleanse in an attempt to make sure my face is super clean. I am using a cleansing oil at the moment but I am not sure ow much I like it. I will give it a few more goes but I think I want to try a cleansing water as an alternative. This one from French Skincare brand Caudalie has had fabulous reviews and is more than just 'water in a bottle' so It would be great to try.

MAC eye shadow in Woodwinked
I have been wanting to start a MAC palette and Woodwinked would be the first one to kick start my collection. 

Kevin Acquin Creamy blush
I've herd a lot about Kevin Acquin and in particular their blushes. They have some beautiful colours and I work love to give them a try. 

Hourglass rougue lipstick in liquid lipstick in raven
I love the idea of liquid lipstick and this has caught my eyes. They look super pigmented and appear to be easy to apply with good longevity.

What is on your September wishlist?

Lots of love
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