September Favourites

Holy guacamole how is September pretty much over? I know everyone will be saying this but where is 2013 going?! I am already secretly counting down the days to my birthday it is going that fast. This months favourites are small but a good bunch. I haven't really tested out a lot of new things but here is what I have been loving.

Beauty Favourites

L'oreal Cassis Passion 376
Sorry for bringing this lipstick up again but I have been wearing and loving this shade a lot this month so it didn't seem right to leave it out. You can read the review here instead of have be bore you about it again.

Maybelline Babylips Cherry Me
This has been my lip balm of choice lately as it tastes amazing and is moisturising on the lips. The hint of red it transfers on your lips is an added bonus too. It is a perfect throw in your handbag lip balm.

Body Shop Camomile waterproof eye & lips make up remover
I have done a more in - depth review of this beautiful make up remover yesterday (that is how good it is!) but essentially if you have sensitive eyes or find most eye make up removers harsh on your skin this is the one for you. It is a oil / water combined remover. It only takes one sweep to get rid of all of your eye make up and is the most gentle eye make up remover I have had the fortune to use.

Non beauty favourites

Sponge fingers
These biscuits are generally used for desserts such as tiramisu but I enjoy having these as a sugary treat with my cup of tea. Don't ask me why I just do!

Orange & Pineapple juice
I have recently been drinking more juice - trying to find healthy ones can be hard as most are loaded with sugar but are generally better than some alternatives. One that I have been loving recently are the Morrissons brand ones. They are made with real fruit and taste amazing! 

Lots of love
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