Maybelline baby lips

Hey lovelies, hope you're week is going well. If you follow me on twitter you may have realised I was ridiculously excited for a new launch by Maybelline to hit the UK. Yes I am talking about the famous baby lips from over the ocean.

Maybelline baby lips are basically a range of lip balms in different scents and tints. If you watch YouTube beauty videos you will have herd every single beauty vlogger from America talk about them.

I got the shades Cherry Me and Pink Punch. Cherry me is a sheer red shade and Pink Punch is a sheer pink shade. If you have pigmented lips the colour pay off is not going to be great but it is lip balm so that did not bother me.

I fell in love with these from the moment I opened them. The scents remind me of my childhood as I was born in Canada I was use to the smell of lip smackers.

When I posted this on instagram a few of you asked me what it was and is it worth getting. Yes it is. It is a decent lip balm - it keeps your lips hydrated and the smells are fresh and non medicinal which is a bonus.

If you are a busy person on the go all the time this is great to pop in to your hand bag as you don't have to get your fingers dirty when applying it like you would with most lip balms. I am not going to lie it is not life changing especially for those who suffer with really dry lips but it is a fabulous product.

If you like lip balms or looking to extend your lip balm collection this would be a cute addition to include.

You can now find Maybelline baby lips at Maybelline counters. They retail for £2.99 and can be found on offer too!

Have you tried them yet? 

Lots of love
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