Make up monday - Vibrant halloween edition

Happy Monday beautifuls. So tomorrow is oct 1st which inevitably means that halloween is around the corner.

I will admit I don't really do anything too big when it comes to Halloween but I know a lot of you are students and it is a pretty big deal. There is always something going on.

I love that halloween is a chance for you to get creative beyond the clothes. You get to do your make up differently even wear a wig if you wanted too. The downside can be that the costs can add up so I thought today I would share with you some budget friendly pieces that can still allow you to be vibrant and creative with your make up.

Sleek Eye shadow palette - Sleek make up in general is a great brand that you can find online and at Superdrug. Their Eye shadow palettes in general have the most gorgeous pigmented colours and are very bright. They are worth looking in to if you want a big eye look.

Lipsticks - Some of my favourite lipsticks from Boots and Superdrug. The Revlon superlustrous range is one of the best formulas and the colours range from bright corals to deep vampy shades.

Other stand out products would be the Rimmel eye shadow paints. They are easy to apply, long lasting and very bold.

For things like face paints and glitters Amazon and Ebay are the perfect place to look.

If you are the extremely creative types check out this video by the lovely Nicole Guerriero for some more ideas on what you may need.

How do you celebrate halloween? Do you go all out?

Lots of love
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