Make up monday - Cleaning brushes

Good Morning beauties. Today I thought I would share with you a chore most of us neglect or do not do as much as we should. 

Cleaning brushes is something that's necessery but I will admit not one of my favourite chores to do.

If you don't clean your brushes that often here is why it is important: 

1- the bacteria build up on the brushes can affect the way it applies the make up on your face.

2- the bacteria build up can alter the condition of your skin. It can make your skin worse. Creating blemishes ect. 

You don't need expensive cleaners to wash your brushes. In the past I have used the shower wash from jmperial leather. It lathers really well and helps your brushes go back to prestine clean condition. 

At the moment I am trying out using baby shampoo to help clean my brushes. It's cheap and will last for a very long time. An alternative would be the Dr Bronner liquid soap but right now I am happy using this. 

All you need is a blob of it on your hand add water to your brush and swirl your brush in the shampoo. 

After a couple of miniutes put the brush under water and take away the excess water and shampoo. If it is clean place the brush on a towel and leave it to dry. 

Do this for all your brushes every couple of weeks at least and voila constant clean brushes. It usually takes me 10 minutes.

Some brushes can be a pain and can shed. My small brush collection mainly consist of the Real Techniques brushes and these are a pleasure to wash. You don't sit around waiting for the longest time for them to dry and they do not shed at all. I highly recommend them! 

What is your preferred way to wash your brushes? 

Lots of love
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