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Couture Girl - Living with Anxiety & Panic attacks - It takes a really brave person to talk about their life experiences especially about topics such as anxiety. Kayleigh writes one of my favourites blog and this week she wrote about her struggles with Anxiety & Panic Attacks. It is a very well written and good to read if you yourself suffer from any of those issues or if you know someone who is.

Jaclyn Hill - Tutorials are some of the least watched videos in my subscription box. I like watching a few people's tutorials but I mainly like favourites and haul videos. Anyway I am digressing - I recently came across Jaclyn Hill who is a make up artist from America. My god her make up is always flawless! She always look stunning and you actually learn new techniques from watching her tutorials.

Tattooed tea lady - University Tips - I've mentioned Sophia's blog before but this week she shared some of her university tips in regards to money and food. Having been to university I found what she has said to be interesting and very true. You don't have to be broke while you are at university nor do you have live off noodles (unless you want too). It is all about planning.

The Sunday Girl - The lavish palette - The launch of the week has to be the Lavish Palette from Anastasia of eye brow whizz fame. I had herd a lot about this palette from American YouTubers and was not expecting it to hit the UK yet suddenly am email newsletter from Cult Beauty informed me they will stocking this beautiful eye palette. Already excited I then came across Adrienne's blog post about the palette and fell in love wit it all over again.

Emily Noel - My favourite magazines - So if you read my blog you will know that I am a bit of a magazine collector. I love reading them and discovering new ones. This Youtube video from the lovely Emily was right up my street. How great do some of these magazines look?

There  are my reads and watch for the week. I hope you discover something new you like.

Let me know what you have enjoyed reading and watching!

Have a lovely weekend beauties. 

Lots of love
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