Links I love #11

Beauty chat with Anna & Lily -  Two of my favourite beauty bloggers making a monthly collab chat video on beauty? As soon as I saw this in my subscription box I had to watch it! Already eagerly awaiting next months vlog.

In the frow - Illamasqua sacred collection -  I love Victorias blog in general but her review of the new collection from Illamasquaa has me in awe. How beautiful do all the products look? I need that lipstick and blush in my life.

Never undressed - Chat with Bobbi Brown -  One of my favourite beauty journalists meeting one of the most inspirational women in the beauty industry? Bobbi Brown shows how hard work, dedication and doing something you love can allow you to be happy. Bobbi is amazing and the drive behind her line is so empowering for women.

Hello October - Strawberry Pancakes -  I love Pancakes and when I saw this on Susie's blog I knew I had to try this! It may seem silly but I never thought to add strawberries in my pancakes like this before so I will definitely be trying this out soon.

Marie Claire - What models are really like -  With LFW this week all eyes were on models. We usually read about how badly models are treated and their eating habits however while some of that may be true I feel like it is only half of the story and isn't fair to the models who are not like that. This article from Marie Claire was refreshing to read. It shows modelling is not as easy as people think it is.

What are your must reads this week?

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