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Glamour Mag - The rise of Micheal Phan - If you are a fan of YouTube beauty videos you will no doubt have come across the beautiful Micheal Phan. Mixing brains with beauty she really does prove that hard work and dedication can and does pay off. I didn't know much about her background before reading this and after giving it a read my admiration for her rose ten fold.

Miss Budget Beauty - Not your average Guru - I love Khila's blog and YouTube channel. If I saw her around I know I could quite easily get in to a conversation with her. She posted one of her earlier YouTube videos and 1 - I think it was quite brave to do that. I am not sure many people would 2 - I actually agree with what she says and can totally see where she is coming from. I have a feeling I am certainly not the only one.

Sali Hughes - Autumn Favourites - This week I have been catching up on a lot of favourites videos. (They were slowly collecting in my watch later list) The first one I was immediately drawn to this video from one of my favourite beauty journalists Sali Hughes! It is a definite must see.

Tattooed Tealady - What does blogging mean to me - It is fair to say I am a bit obsessed with blogs and blogging in general. It is gone beyond simply just being a hobby. I would quite happily spend a Friday night blog planning. It is my happy 'zen' zone. I read this from the lovely Sophia earlier this week and I have to say I 100% agree. She puts it perfectly. (Side note if you are not following Sophia's blog please do! it is one of my favourites to read)

Girl Talk - Girls create non profit organisation - So this is not beauty related but hey there has to be some variety in life. Girl Talk is a website which publishes articles about girls who are inspirational and doing some fabulous things. I was drawn to this in particular because I know how hard it can be to r build your life after a traumatic life experience and to take it that step further and using that process to help others is a courageous step. I highly commend Liana and Kristina for overcoming there struggles and wanting to make a difference.

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