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Good Morning my beauties! Eyes brows are something which have become an essential part of my routine. A year ago you wouldn't have caught me thinking that let alone typing it on a blog post but it is true. Well groomed brows shape my face and generally make me feel a lot better. Even on minimal make up days chances are I will feel the need to fill in my brows a little.

Finding a brow product for my eye brow colour (jet black) has been proven to be quite difficult. I have mainly survived by using eye shadow as a powder. Earlier this year I cam across the brand Illah brows. Illah Brows is a company made by beauty artist Tahira Wells.

Tahira designed the Illah Brows kit* which contains three colours a light brown. brown and black along with a lip balm and brow balm. The colour range means that it will work for people with blonde hair to those similar to me with black hair.

The brow powder is light and easy to apply. You can apply it lightly just to fill in sparse places but if you want something with a little more definition you can build it up slowly with an angle brush.

The brow balm for those who prefer your brows slightly more natural will probably work. Personally I prefer a brow gel or a clear mascara to set my brows as in place as I feel it is more secure that way.

The packaging of the kit is perfect. It is small, compact, elegant looking and can fit in your hand bag or make up bag. I haven't travelled in a while but if I was and didn't want to take a big palette this could be perfect to take with.

The kit comes with a brush one side is angled and the other is a sponge. I prefer using my own brush but again quite handy for those on the go.

You can find out more about the brand on their website here.

Do you have an eye brow routine? 

Lots of love
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