Hawaiian Tropic silk hydration protective sun lotion

Happy Thursday! Now I know September  has arrived and you may be thinking 'we don't need sun lotion' anymore however I know there are some of you out there who are planning to go on holiday so will still need some sun protection!

I have been trying the Hawaiian Tropic silk hydration with SPF 30* during the month of August when the weather was good and I went outside. Recently we have managed to get some beautiful weather in the UK so it was the perfect opportunity and I couldn't resist.

What I first thought about the sun lotion is that it is quite a light formula compared to the sunscreen I have previously tried. it was very easy to wear and non greasy which is perfect for those who may be in a rush.

The other thing that really impressed me with this particular sunscreen is that it protects you form both UVA and UVB rays. I am not a complete expert on this but I do know if you looking for sun protection make sure the products you purchase protect you from both. (many of them do not)

If you are a family or a group of friends wanting to share or look for the same sunscreen the Hawaiian Tropic range is great for that. The SPF's range from 15 - 50 so there is something there for everyone.

I might be alone in this but I have to point this out...this smells incredible! I know sun lotion may not be nicest smelling product for many of you but I really like the smell of this!

Hawaiian Tropic (180ml) can be found in Superdrug for £14.99.

What is your favourite sunscreeen. 

Lots of love
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