Food Friday - back to school lunch ideas

Happy Friday! It is nearly the weekend! I hope you have something fun planned. Many of you would have gone back to school, college or university this week. This would mean many of you will be eating on the go or taking a pack lunch. It is important for your body to gain nutrients instead of simply eating rubbish that would make you feel sluggish during your afternoon sessions.

I thought I would share with you some of my favourite lunch time foods.

The ultimate busy persons lunch so easy to make and transport. I would suggest making them instead of buying them ready made from a supermarket. Of course with any fillings you want. I don't get to much protein in my breakfast so to make up for that some of my favourite fillings are Tuna, Turkey, Chicken, Eggs or Cheese with some salad and some sauce like mayo or ketchup.

Again something else that is easy to make and transport. This is great if you had pasta the night before and had some left over. You simply just put it in a tupperware container and warm up when you are ready to eat it or just eat it cold if you prefer. We get told that carbs are bad for us but remember we need carbs for energy so don't cut them out. Instead choose good carbs instead of bad carbs.

Trail Mix bars. 
Trail mix are good for you - according to dieticians and nutritionists and if you like making things they are not complicated to make but for those of you who are not that domesticated or lazy like me you can buy them in a bar to just put in your bag as a snack. My favourite is from Nature Valley. Just read the ingredients as not all of them are as healthy as they make it out to be.

Fruit & Nuts
This is typical and you have probably read enough about the benefits of having these as a snack so I will not bore you too much with that. Nuts & Fruits are something I got in too more when I was at university. It keeps you alert, your brain working and your blood sugar levels stable which mean you are not likely to fall asleep during your class. You can get dry fruit and nuts in snack packets which is handy to keep in your bags.

Water / Fruit Juice/ drink 
This may sound like something silly to include but in actual fact a lot of us are dehydrated for one reason or another (I am including myself in that) Keeping a bottle of water or some form of drink will help keep you going and not gagging of thirst.

Junk Food
Yes junk food is not the best for you but a little friday indulgence never hurt anyone! I believe everything in moderation is key (this is harder than it looks!) so don't be too strict on yourself and have a little bit of fun!

So those are my picks of the best foods. What do you think? 
Do you take a pack lunch? will this be something you add? 

Lots of love
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