Budget perfume - Zara Black

Hey my loves, I don't know about you but I can forget to spray perfume before I leave the house - especially if I am in a rush. That's why I make sure that I have some in my bag. One thing I wish we had here in the UK are rollerball versions of our favourite perfumes. They are so convenient. 

Have no fear though I found an alternative thanks to Zara.

A while ago my mum was in Zara and came back and said she picked me up Zara black rollerball. I hadn't seen it before so I was intrigued. 

It is a fresh modern young scent with a hint of floral in it too. I really like it as it makes me feel refreshed and perks you up.

If you are a bit weary it won't smell like a perfume let me assure you if you blind fold someone and they would not notice the difference. 

The rollerball size lasts a very long time and is perfect. If you don't want to splash out this is a great alternative.

Zara black is usually near the cash registers at Zara stores and costs around £5.00! 

Have you tried any perfumes by Zara? 

Lots of love
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