Soap & Glory scrub your nose in it

Hey lovelies, I've mentioned the Soap & Glory scrub your nose in it in previous Skincare posts but I haven't actually given it its own review. 

The scrub my nose in it is what I call an extra. These are useful products to have in your routine but not neseceerily essential for everyone.

About a year ago I had combination skin which left me with a oily T zone. Those of you who have oily T zones know what a pain they can be. It caused me to be more prone to blackheads in this area. 

After searching the aisles of boots I can across this and have to say it was a absolute god send. 

You apply it on your T zone and can either scrub it on and rinse it off with a flannel and warm water or let it act as clay mask. 

It gets rid of extra oil on your nose leaving  it nice and smooth. After a couple of nights of applying it you can see the blackheads disappear. 

It has a minty scent to it which is odd as it contains lemon and orange however it is pleasant and I enjoyed it. 

This was my first Soap & Glory Skincare purchase and I have to say I was not left disappointed.

You can find Soap and Glory scrub your Nose in it for £7.50 at boots.

Have you tried this'd ce scrub from soap & glory?

Lots of love
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