Naffy Reads - Truly Whit by Whitney Port

Good morning beauts! I thought I would share with you all a book from a person who I find very inspiring.

Whitney Port started off her career in he public eye on the reality TV show The Hills. From the start she was a favourite of mine. She just seemed to stay away from all the drama and was so focused and ambitious. It was something I admired in her and hoped that I would have. She was so elegant and chic.

So when she launched her own fashion line and book I knew I had to give it a read. The book is pretty much a 'how to survive the quarter life crisis' guide. It is relatable as it includes feelings most twenty-somethings go through. It is filled with tips on looking for jobs as well as starting the life YOU want to build for YOURSELF.

Truly Whit tells it like it is - there is no glossing over. Whitney had to work to get to where she is today and she shows that. She makes it clear although if you want the perfect apartment and job from the get go it doesn't happen like that. It takes time.

What I like about it too is that although she is realistic in the book - she teaches you to make the most of what you do have and to be happy with it.

Speaking from personal experience I can definitely say that this will help those who have become recent graduates and wanting to figure out their next steps in life.

Truly Whit can be found on Amazon as well as major bookstores.

Have you read Truly Whit? 

Lots of love
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