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Happy Monday beauties - hope you all have a great week ahead. Today I wanted to talk to you about make up brushes.

I don't believe you need a hoard of brushes (in fact the above picture is my complete brush collection) but after a couple of years of trying to figure it out I have come to realise that make up brushes when used correctly can give a flawless application.

One thing to remember and something I found hard to grasp at first is that there is not always a straight forward way of using make up brushes. One brush may work better than others eg if you have a small face a contour brush may work well for you instead of a blush brush for blusher.

I personally find contouring can be a bit tricky there for a brush like this one from NARS is on my list. If you are in the market to starting a brush collection here are the essentials I would recommend.

Buffing Brush - This is for your base. I use my fingers for the most part but for those days I don't this is perfect. It buffs the foundation in to your skin for a flawless finish.

Eye shadow brush - I would have two of these if possible. These brushes pack on lots of colour. They are perfect for when you want a full eye look.

Blending brush - A lot of time you would want to mix colours or prevent the look from looking very harsh. This is where the blending brush comes in to play. The brush allows for a flawless base colour and to give definition for your eyes.

Contour Brush - This is one of my most used brushes. It is small so perfect for smaller round faces. I use it to apply highlighter. My contouring is not up to scratch yet so I do not use it for that.

Angle Brush - Again another must in my brush collection. I use an angle brush to fill in my eye brows but it is also handy for lining the upper lash line with eyeshadow rather than an eyeliner pencil.

There are some gaps I need to fill but if you are starting out your brush collection, I would regard this as the main ones to invest in.

What are your go - to places.

Lots of love
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